Mixed Media Sketchbooks

Mixed Media Sketchbooks

16 Jul - 20 Jul 2018
Price per person £354.00 £329.00

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£354  £329*

*Early Booking Discount applied till end of February


North Junction St. Campus


16 Jul - 20 Jul 2018

Class Tutor(s)

Colin Black Course Tutor & Head of Design

A sketchbook can be used as a space to play, germinating an artist’s ideas and taking their work in new directions.

This Summer School will start with a day of drawing around Leith Docks, recording impressions and observations of the surrounding area in a sketchbook. Moving back into the studio, students will be encouraged to use their sketchbooks to take the work they have done further and develop options for a resolved piece of work. Collage, printmaking and colour-use will all be experimented with, to explore how the creative use of materials can inspire and help develop work outside the sketchbook.

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