Word, Image & the Book

Word, Image & the Book

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Term 1: 13 Weeks £325.00
Term 2: 12 Weeks £300.00
Term 3: 9 Weeks £225.00



St James Campus

Term 1: Autumn

4 Sep - 4 Dec 2017

Class Tutor(s)

An exploration of the exciting relationships that are to be found between words and image, this course is structured to allow students to work on a series of projects with one-to-one teaching from the tutor.

Students will explore the potential of folded book forms, altered books, and the book as object. At every stage, students will be encouraged to think in the broadest terms about what a book can be; to look at other artists’ work, and to experiment with a variety of media. There will be an emphasis on the form and meaning of the book as a container for ideas, and as a vehicle for exploring material processes. Students are regularly encouraged to take stock of their work and to share their progress as part of group feedback sessions led by the tutor. These sessions promote peer-to-peer learning within the class, and help students determine how to move individual projects forward.


Please note - Term 1 of this course is currently underway. Please phone the School to enquire about late booking.

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