Objects & Artefacts: From Oil Pastel to Oil Paint

Objects & Artefacts: From Oil Pastel to Oil Paint

12 Aug - 16 Aug 2019
Price per person £359.00

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Monday - Friday, 9:30am – 4:30pm


North Junction St. Campus


12 Aug - 16 Aug 2019

Course Staff

David Martin

Course Leader

This in-depth week will cover the process of developing drawings done on location into a painting using oil paint.

Students will initially learn how to prepare sketchbook pages with colour and work on these in oil pastel to create lively sketches that convey form and atmosphere. A full day will be spent in the National Museum of Scotland making colour studies from the captivating collections on display. Back in the studio, students will learn how to use oil paint in combination with other materials to develop their studies into colourful, rich paintings. Colour mixing and oil painting techniques will be covered and by the end of the week, students will have completed an oil painting, gained experience in handling oil pastels and paints, and explored how colour can be used to demonstrate form, light and shadow.

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