Wire is a Mobile Ink Line: Drawing with Wire and Ink

Wire is a Mobile Ink Line: Drawing with Wire and Ink

Term 1: Autumn, 2 Nov 2019
Price per person £85.00

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Saturday, 9:30am – 4:30pm


North Junction St. Campus

Term 1: Autumn

2 Nov 2019

Course Staff

“I think best in wire” - Alexander Calder

Referencing work made by artists from the early 20th Century, such as Jean Cocteau and Alexander Calder, as well as contemporary artists Polly Verity, Abby Sherrill, Claude Heath, Celia Smith and Spenser Little, students will spend the day investigating just some of the many possibilities inherent in working with both wire and ink.

By beginning with continuous line drawings from a still life, using graphite pencils, biros, sticks and brushes with ink, students will engage with the fluid qualities of materials, moving with ease between two and three-dimensional working. Evolving these initial studies, students will create drawings in space, based on observation of both the figure and of objects sourced from the still-life set up in the studio. Having creatively explored the relationships between drawing with wire and ink, students will finish the workshop with a body of drawing work in both 2D and 3D, made using graphite, biro, ink and wire.

‘“I use wire as a drawing material ...I feel like I am collecting my lines with which to make my drawings – some are bold and thick like a marker pen others are hair thin like the faintest of pencil lines.”  (Celia Smith)  ’