The Poetry of the Everyday: Making Meaning Out of the 'Mundane'

The Poetry of the Everyday: Making Meaning Out of the 'Mundane'

Term 2: Spring, 29 Feb 2020
Price per person £85.00

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Saturday, 9:30am – 4:30pm


North Junction St. Campus

Term 2: Spring

29 Feb 2020

Course Staff

“Don’t ask what it means or what it refers to. Don’t ask what the work is, rather see what the work does.” - Eva Hesse

Expand your consciousness of the beauty that resides in everyday materials. ‘Studioworks’, simple yet evocative 3D objects and bookforms, are inspired by the everyday experience of seemingly mundane materials. They can show us how to navigate our creativity in very personal ways, as is evident in the work of artists such as Eva Hesse, Alice Fox and Innes Seidel. Beginning by sourcing materials while on a short walk, in addition to a selection of objects brought in by the class, students will be encouraged to engage with, elevate and animate everyday ‘mundane’ objects by constructing their own ‘studioworks’. These ‘studioworks’ will be hand-made using perishable or unstable materials such as papier-mache, latex, gauze, string, wire and found or discarded materials - both natural and man-made. The work will be produced in a spirit that is at once playful and curious, allowing students to consider their individual potential for cultivating a mindful approach to making art, inspired by our immediate environment.