The Colourfully Clothed Figure

The Colourfully Clothed Figure

Term 2: Spring, 21 Mar 2020
Price per person £85.00

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Saturday, 9:30am – 4:30pm


North Junction St. Campus

Term 2: Spring

21 Mar 2020

Course Staff

Kenneth Le Riche Visiting Tutor

A one-day workshop observing the colourfully clothed figure in mixed media. Students will initially work with coloured paper collages, investigating ways of building tension in a composition by working on small studies and observing the subject.

Working with a human form in space, students will learn about improvisation within a framework. The workshop will encourage students to consider the aesthetics involved in making a painting, manipulating pictorial elements to find the ‘pulsation’ of a work of art. Understanding and reflection on earlier small-scale studies will be harnessed by students within a final, larger mixed media painting. Artists including Cezanne, De Kooning, Hockney and Catherine Kehoe will be looked at as guiding lights.