Jewellery: Cuttlefish Casting

Jewellery: Cuttlefish Casting

Term 3: Summer, 6 Jun 2020
Price per person £85.00

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Saturday, 9:30am – 5:30pm


North Junction St. Campus

Term 3: Summer

6 Jun 2020

Course Staff

Cuttlefish casting is an ancient technique that allows the casting of basic shapes in metal. This method utilises the soft porous material of the cuttlefish shell to create a mould, which can be carved into directly or used to take ‘press moulds’ from small hard objects. The objects used may be found objects or students’ own designs modelled and carved out of wax. 

Both of these techniques will be demonstrated and experimented with during this workshop. Some samples of work and the tools and materials involved will be shown to the class, followed by a practical demonstration. Students will first familiarise themselves with the technique by replicating a found object in pewter. Various design ideas, textures and methods of mark-making will be explored, before students go on to create their own unique sculpted ring, to be cast out of pewter.