The Fundamentals of Drawing

The Fundamentals of Drawing

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Term 1: 13 Weeks £597


Thursday, 9:30am – 4:30pm


St James Campus

Term 1: Autumn

12 Sep - 12 Dec 2019

Course Staff

Drawing is fundamental to an artist’s practice as a basis for painting, printmaking or sculpture. It all begins with a single drawn mark. ‘The Fundamentals of Drawing’ taster course gives students the opportunity to explore the vast discipline of drawing in a supportive studio environment, working on a variety of different projects with a selection of wet and dry media.

This intensive course is the perfect introductory class to begin your journey with Leith School of Art, and is specifically designed to support students in developing their personal artistic practices. Through fun, and at times, experimental approaches to image making, students will leave the course equipped with a tool box of skills in mark making, having developed a good introductory knowledge to drawing. From still life setups to figure drawing and other more unconventional techniques, ‘The Fundamentals of Drawing’ explores drawing in a multitude of forms and is an ideal choice for beginners and those wanting to develop their existing skillsets.

Some experience is helpful, but through this course students will learn the fundamental techniques and language of drawing, from line and tone, to composition and colour. Students will be challenged throughout the course, developing their knowledge of mark making and drawing through group discussion and slide presentations, alongside studio practice and drawing trips out. In the final weeks of the term students will apply the drawing skills that they have developed over the term on personal projects supported by one-to-one tutorials.

The course will incorporate the following -

  • The Still Life (Line): Beginning with the basics, and taking the School's annual theme as a starting point, students will break down the still life into its basic components, line.
  • The Still Life (Tone): Focusing on tone, this week will explore how image can be constructed through the use of shading, tone, and lights and darks.
  • Composition and the Sustained Drawing: Taking what students have learnt so far, the class will focus on composition, and planning a drawing through measuring.
  • Introduction to Figure drawing: Students will be introduced to measuring and expressive figure drawing.
  • Materiality: A week focusing on texture and using mixed media.
  • Gallery Visit: Students will be taken out to see a drawing-focused exhibition. This will involve drawing in situ, and will ask students to engage with the artists they are seeing. Instead of saying that they ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ a piece of art this is an opportunity for students to be asked ‘why’ they feel that way.
  • Drawing and Abstraction: All art is at least a partial abstraction of the subject, and this week will explore that. How far can a drawing be taken and still be considered representational, and what purpose does abstraction serve?
  • Drawing and Printmaking: Introduction to basic printmaking - allowing students to explore mono printing by developing drawings from the previous weeks into a print.
  • Collaborative Image Making: Unconventional approaches to image making, helping to foster a sense of community and explore different ways of working. Students will explore what happens when they become less precious about their work, giving control over to someone else and trusting them.
  • Experimental Approaches to Mark Making: A week spent fostering accident and the joy of the unexpected.
  • Collage and Drawing
  • The Prepared Surface: Preparing surfaces to work onto and then using these surfaces as part of compositions.


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