Term 2: Spring, 9 Jan - 2 Apr 2020
Price per person £551.00

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Term 2: 12 Weeks £551


Thursday, 9:30am – 4:30pm


St James Campus

Term 2: Spring

9 Jan - 2 Apr 2020

Course Staff

This term-length Taster Course will focus on studying great paintings from the National Galleries of Scotland. The course aims to help you develop your own work through critical study and transcriptions of selected works which are relevant to your interests. Time will be split between the Galleries and the studio. This course is open to students with some drawing and painting experience, looking to broaden their knowledge and develop their work through observational drawing and painting.

Beginning the term, students will gain confidence in drawing through a strong understanding of line, tone, form and composition through fast and slower paced transcriptions in the studio. In depth lectures relevant to each transcription, will allow students to focus on compositional devices, image sizes, materials used and how these are expressed and organised.

The first external session in the National Galleries will involve students working on thumbnail drawings from a selected number of paintings, reinforcing what they have learnt in previous weeks, to help gain a thorough understanding of image making. This intense, quick drawing period will highlight the change of pace needed in order to create strong images. It will also act as an icebreaker for later sustained drawings at the gallery. Following this, students will consider a more sustained drawing of a painting at the National Galleries, making notes on colour and creating colour studies which directly inform oil paintings in the studio. Students will hone in on tone in colour guided by supporting lectures and hand-outs.

Close observation of paintings will lead to a strong grounding in drawing and painting and help students translate this into their own visual language, informing their own subject-led work throughout the second half of the term. Throughout the course, individual and group crits will have a large role in the studio weeks. Informal presentations on the students’ findings will keep a lively open discussion between the group, allowing students to complete the course as dynamic thinkers and as a group of artists that continue shaping and developing their artistic practice.


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