Drawing from Film

Drawing from Film

Term 2: Spring, 8 Feb 2020
Price per person £50.00

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£50 (£45 for current LSA students)


Saturday, 1:00pm – 5:00pm


North Junction St. Campus

Term 2: Spring

8 Feb 2020

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“Renoir’s masterly adaptation of a short story by Guy de Maupassant is perhaps his best-loved film. On a country picnic a young girl leaves her family and fiancé for a while and succumbs to a brief romance. Renoir’s sensuous tribute to the countryside – and to the river – has seldom been surpassed.” (BFI)


Observing ‘Un Partie De Campagne’, students will have the opportunity to draw from the dynamic, theatrical reality of Renoir’s countryside romance. Artists including Diebenkorn and Matisse will provide inspiration for the day, allowing students to consider new ways in to drawing. Through quick sketchbook studies, students will create lively primary observations of the sensuous countryside scenes and dynamic compositions portrayed in ‘Un Partie De Campagne’.

Selecting stills from within the film, students will have the opportunity to consider composition, line and form, as well as finding colour through tone to help capture the atmosphere, movement and essence of a scene.

These initial studies will go on to inform larger-scale mixed media drawings and paintings in the second half of the session, allowing students to explore the potential of materials such as coloured pencils, erasers, charcoal, ink and acrylic paints and build confidence in mark-making.

Throughout this session, students will consider the valuable role film can play in strengthening observational skills and the importance of the sketchbook in gathering extensive research, for further drawing and painting.


Film details:

‘Un Partie De Campagne’

Directors: Renoir, Jean

Cast: Sylvia Bataille, Georges Saint-Saëns

France 1936 | Black & white | 39 mins | Drama

Distribution: BFI