Ways of Seeing: Representation into Abstraction

Ways of Seeing: Representation into Abstraction

13 Jul - 17 Jul 2020
Price per person £365.00

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Monday - Friday, 9:30am – 4:30pm


North Junction St. Campus


13 Jul - 17 Jul 2020

Course Staff

Val Mclean Tutor

Students on this course will use drawing and painting to explore different ways of looking and seeing, developing a unique and personal response to a complex studio set up.

Starting with observational studies in a range of media, students will work towards the use of colour and paint. Guidance will be given on colour mixing and how to edit and refine aspects of a composition in order to develop an individual aesthetic. Two painting will be developed over the course of the week and students will develop a deeper understanding of the relationship between the representational and abstract properties of a painting, moving beyond the purely representational to create works which explore abstraction.


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