Contemporary Art Practice

Contemporary Art Practice

10 Aug - 14 Aug 2020
Price per person £365.00

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Monday - Friday, 1:00pm – 1:00pm


North Junction St. Campus


10 Aug - 14 Aug 2020

Course Staff

An intensive week of studio work and discussion which will galvanise your practice and help you to contextualise your work in relation to the wider contemporary art context.

Whether you have a project that you are working on or a theme which loosely guides your practice, this course will support you to take the next steps in your work in a discursive studio environment. Students will engage with and discuss contemporary art exhibitions from the Edinburgh Art Festival programme, as well as dedicating time to focus on individual studio work. Whether you need a bit of a boost to begin a new project, or are craving some peer-to-peer feedback and discussion, this is a rigorous week which will be tailored to the bespoke group of artists on the course. Best suited to students with some experience, who feel confident in identifying a theme or direction for their work, the aim is for the group to work across a diverse range of media and ideas including but not limited to: drawing, installation, sculpture, painting, video and performance. During the week you will have access to a wide range of core materials, basic workshop and printmaking facilities and a shared studio space.


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