Colour in Action: Oil Painting by the Sea

Colour in Action: Oil Painting by the Sea

17 Aug - 21 Aug 2020
Price per person £365.00

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Monday - Friday, 9:30am – 4:30pm


North Junction St. Campus


17 Aug - 21 Aug 2020

Course Staff

Ginny Elston Visiting Tutor

A week of plein-air oil painting inspired by the beautiful, historic Starbank Park in Trinity, which overlooks the Firth of Forth.

The week will focus predominantly on how we see light and colour in the land and seascape. Students will learn techniques in working in oil paint outdoors, improving their colour mixing skills and confidently applying paint wet-on-wet. Students will learn how to assess a colour’s tone, hue, temperature and saturation in relation to those around it, in order to build up rich, vibrant paintings of the park and surrounding scenery. Students will learn how colour affects the reading of space in a painting, how it can dictate a composition, and how colours shift and change throughout the day in natural light. Students will gain skills working with changing conditions, and respond to these intuitively as their painting develops. Significant time will also be given to exploring imagery, composition and scale, as well as how to resolve an image. Students will leave with a series of tonal sketches, small paintings and larger paintings that they have painted in-situ, as well as a painting that synthesizes their experiences in the park and in the studio.

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