ONLINE: Portfolio Preparation

ONLINE: Portfolio Preparation

27 Jul - 31 Jul 2020
Price per person £220.00

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Monday - Friday, 9:30am – 4:30pm




27 Jul - 31 Jul 2020

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With a view to creating a portfolio with which to apply to Art College, this online course introduces a series of practical exercises and drawing techniques to enable students to plan, research and translate ideas through observational drawing. 

By guiding students towards a personal project, this course aims to teach students how to become resourceful and effective in the creative uses of a range of drawing techniques, materials and processes. Beginning by working from a studio model (online) in a themed set-up from which to draw and take inspiration, the course will lead students through a daily process of investigation, introducing a range of different techniques and exercises that will challenge the way we look. Students are encouraged to engage critically with observational drawing while moving towards developing ideas alongside drawing skills, while also moving to work from as simple still-life, created ‘in-situ’ and using their own choice of objects. Together, we will look at ways in which other artists approach the research and development aspect of making work, encouraging you to uncover a personal direction for potential subsequent development in your own work and how you might demonstrate this in your portfolio. Using sketchbooks as a tool, we will explore how artists approach the research and development aspect of making work and there will be opportunities to experiment with techniques in both two and three-dimensional processes, developing into portfolio pieces. Guidance will be given on making a UCAS application with the intention of demystifying the process, and there will also be the opportunity to view the portfolios of recent graduates of the LSA Foundation Course and ask them questions.


All UK-based students will be provided with an A4 Leith School of Art sketchbook and set of 3 paintbrushes. These will be sent by post prior to the course. If booking within 3 days of the course start date we can not guarantee that these items will reach you in time for the beginning of the course. Students must source all other required materials and advice on suppliers will be provided upon booking. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about this.

Materials required:

A2 pad of quality cartridge paper*

Pencils (2B, 4B, 6B)

1 x box of willow charcoal

Putty rubber

Fixative or can of hairspray

A wax crayon or oil pastel (clear/colourless or white)

Black 'Sharpie' marker

Set of coloured chalk pastels

Black drawing ink

Piece of card (to make viewfinder, eg. cereal box)

Flat nosed pliers

Invisible thread

Masking tape (low tack)


Craft knife

Plastic tubs and glass jars (with lids)

Rags (old t-shirts etc or cloths)

Bonsai wire*

Drawing board or flat surface to work on

A space with good light source (window or lamp)

Selection of objects for still life

Mirror (for self portrait exercise)

* Contact us for our recommended supplier

Summer School Online

All courses require a computer or tablet device with:
- stable internet connection
- camera (for video calls and photographing your work)
- microphone (for video calls)

Courses will take place using Google Classroom, and are limited to 15 students to allow for quality one-to-one teaching.


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