LSA Lectures: Meeting the Gaze

LSA Lectures: Meeting the Gaze

Term 2: Spring, 17 Feb - 24 Mar 2021
Price per person £90

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Term 2: 6 Weeks - £90


Wednesday, 7:00pm – 9:00pm



Term 2: Spring

17 Feb - 24 Mar 2021

Course Staff

Consider the evolution of the gaze throughout art history in this six-part lecture series.

Taking examples from contemporary art, film and popular culture, this series of lectures is ideal for anyone interested in exploring the ethics of looking and the power dynamics between artist and subject—between the observer and the observed. 

Week by week we will consider the gaze as a series of lenses through which we can understand artworks and visual culture while reflecting on our own position both as an artist and consumer.

Wk. 1. The Male Gaze

Wk. 2. The Colonial Gaze

Wk. 3. The Oppositional Gaze

Wk. 4. The Queer Gaze

Wk. 5. The Bourgeois Gaze

Wk. 6. The Institutional Gaze

No previous knowledge is required, and there will be plenty of time for questions and discussion in each session. The course will take place using Google Classroom and Zoom. The lectures will not be recorded.

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