Nature Surfacing: Drawing & Painting

Nature Surfacing: Drawing & Painting

16 Aug - 20 Aug 2021
Price per person £376.00

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Monday - Friday, 9:30am – 4:30pm


North Junction St. Campus


16 Aug - 20 Aug 2021

Course Staff

Colin Black Visiting Tutor

"Nature does not lie on the surface but hides in the depth, through colours whose depths are revealed on the surface, they rise up from the roots of the world". Paul Cezanne

Working from a botanical still-life, we will explore how various art materials and their particular qualities can be used to suggest the rich surfaces, colours and the energy of the natural world.  Starting the week with black and white materials, we will explore structure, rhythm, line and tone. Having found these dynamic relationships in our monochrome drawings, we will begin to use colour with the same quality of mark, working initially with acrylic paint before moving into oils. The layering of different materials will be used to build up a physical surface which can be removed and worked into further to create a resolved work that has evolved over time.


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