Drawing & Painting The Figure

Drawing & Painting The Figure

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Term 1: 13 Weeks £290.00
Term 2: 12 Weeks £265.00
Term 3: 9 Weeks £200.00



North Junction St. Campus

Term 1: Autumn

7 Sep - 7 Dec 2017

Class Tutor(s)

The human body is a wonderfully diverse subject from which to draw and paint. This class will explore the nude figure in depth, as well as portraiture, and working from the draped figure.

Different approaches will be encouraged, with students being taught how to draw human anatomy analytically as well as taking a more expressive approach. Colour will be examined, with the particular challenges of painting flesh given consideration. There will be a variety of poses throughout the term. Quick poses will allow students to introduce spontaneity and lively mark making to their work, and through sustained poses lasting two or more weeks, students will be encouraged to challenge themselves, and produce more resolved work.

Each class is carefully structured with different media and techniques demonstrated, enabling students to build on their learning each week. Most classes start with a short presentation of artists’ work, connecting art of the past and present to practical studio work.

The class is designed so that terms can be taken separately or more than one taken together to consolidate and deepen the learning. Tutors work with each student individually, allowing each person to work at their own level. Students will complete each term with a body of large and small scale work in a variety of media.


Please note - Term 1 of this course is currently underway. Please phone the School to enquire about late booking.

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