Making It: six sessions to help you flourish as an artist

Making It: six sessions to help you flourish as an artist

Term 1: Autumn, 28 Sep - 9 Nov 2022
Price per person £84.00

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Wednesday, 7:30pm – 9:00pm



Term 1: Autumn

28 Sep - 9 Nov 2022

Course Staff

This course is designed to help you build confidence as an artist and nurture professional skills for a sustainable career.

Each session includes a brief lecture with practical tips and guidance followed by structured reflective time in small groups and individually. There will be opportunity to ask questions and have discussion for group support and mentoring. This is a tailor-made course for artists looking to take the next steps in their career with a look to making it for many years to come.

The course will take place using Google Classroom and Zoom.

Weds 28 September - Making and Maintaining Opportunities

Working as an artist today doesn’t just involve making the work. There’s the whole business side of things, marketing, networking and getting your work out there. Most of us cringe at such things but it’s really about giving yourself the best opportunities to thrive as an artist and earn a living through your art. This introductory session looks at various strategies for a sustainable art career covering foundations of social media, web development, how to approach galleries and getting yourself noticed.

Weds 5 October - Making a Statement

Most artists are asked to write about their work these days. Whether press release for exhibition, statement for website or short snippet for social media it’s important to know how to write about your work well. In this session we’ll be looking at best practice for artists statements and CVs, helping you write in a winsome way that opens doors for further possibilities.

Weds 12 October - Making a Living

There are ways of making a living without selling out. In this session we’ll look at various models for income and case studies of artists who’ve found a way to fund it. Many artists work independently of galleries yet others prefer the commercial gallery route. With consideration of artists residencies, fund applications and parallel career options we’ll also discuss how to price your work, market and sell it.

Weds 26 October - Making your own Art World

As artists we rarely work on our own. Most of us will be part of a community or network who support our practice. In this session we’ll discuss how to build connections with fellow artists, curators, collectors, gallerists, critics, artists and supporters. We’ll talk about how to navigate the art world, building sustainable relationships with galleries, art fairs and public institutions.

Weds 2 November-  Making yourself Visible

At some point the truth hits you, no one will arrive at your studio door uninvited. You’re going to have to get out there and get them. It’s going to take courage and entrepreneurship and probably sounds pretty exhausting. Yet there are ways of making yourself visible that build on your own strengths and personality. We’ll look at various strategies for increasing visibility including social media, artist residencies and websites.

Weds 9 November - Making it Sustainable

In this final session we’ll discuss how to plan for the future. Building on what we have learned together we’ll consider what the next steps are for your art career. A reflective session with review of the last six weeks and opportunity to ask more specific questions.

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