Composition: Taking Control

Composition: Taking Control

9 Mar - 10 Mar 2024
Price per person £170.00

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Saturday & Sunday, 10:00am – 4:00pm


North Junction St. Campus


9 Mar - 10 Mar 2024

Course Staff

Jane Couroussopoulos Drawing Course Leader

How you arrange and place the elements of your drawing within the four edges of your paper is one of the key ways you have of taking control of a piece of work.

Tonal arrangements may mean a drawing is light and airy, or dark and brooding. Whatever the arrangement, often it is all too easy to unthinkingly let the composition just happen by accident. Intuition is vital, but the composition, whatever it may be, needs to be the result of the artist’s decision making; intuitive yes, but deliberate too - those decisions directly affect the way a viewer sees and responds to the piece of work.

On the first day of this two-day workshop, we will work from an installation in the studio, making small studies in pencil and clear oil bar which experiment with different formats, alternative emphases, and being selective. Students will also explore tonal compositions, making studies in charcoal.

The second day will be spent on one large, sustained drawing in charcoal or pencil, working both intuitively and deliberately to arrive at an effective composition.


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