Painting Course

Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 9.30am – 4.30pm
Location: North Junction Street Campus

This year long course enables each student to develop their own individual and authentic approach to painting, working on all aspects of their practice, from developing ideas, through experimenting with materials and imagery, to producing finished paintings.
The first term is structured around set projects that introduce a range of painting methods and materials, such as ways of working with oils and acrylics. They also set out mixed media approaches and even ways of making paint through pigments and binders like egg and wax. All of these methods are introduced alongside weekly lectures that explore the different ideas behind different ways of painting.
The emphasis of the second term is on each student developing their own individual project that they will work on for the rest of the course. This will involve finding their subject and the particular approaches that work for them. Painting is taught as a process that involves research, developing ideas through drawing, extensive periods of experimentation and building up several paintings simultaneously in stages, or layers. The tutors will work intensively with the students in this way, encouraging the feeling of the work, the ideas and the qualities important to the individual to come through.
By the third term the students will be working on producing a body of work to be exhibited at the end of year show in June. While still developing their individual creative process, the emphasis starts to shift towards exploring and pushing the qualities of the paintings themselves, such as composition, colour-work, and paint-handling.
Students are required to not simply develop techniques, but develop and engage with the ideas that inform their work, and judge their work based on how well it embodies their ideas.
Students are expected to have some experience and ability in observational drawing, seen in a portfolio of around 10-20 pieces. Drawing books or sketches which demonstrate experimentation, or developing work or ideas would also be welcome.

Fees for academic year 2016/2017 are £4600

Course fees include core materials.
Applications should be made using the Leith School of Art Full Year Courses Application Form. 
Please follow the link below for further information and to download an application form.