Staff Spotlight: Jane Couroussopoulos

Wednesday,22 May 2019 in  Courses, Spotlight, Staff

Jane teaches our 2 day Drawing Course which runs on a Thursday and Friday at our St James Campus.

Jane trained in London at City and Guilds of London Art School, in painting and printmaking.  For the last few years she has been working predominantly in mixed media drawing on paper, in her studio at Coburg House. Her main sources of inspiration come from human interventions in the landscape such as the old WWII coastal tank defences and Greek roadside shrines, and objects she has collected that carry emotional and symbolic meaning. The layered surfaces and carefully structured compositions of her work, are intrinsic to the subject matter.

Jane has taught at Leith School of Art for 15 years and for the last four has led the two day Drawing Course at the St James Campus. Drawing, for Jane is not just integral to her own work, but also to that of every student she teaches. For her, drawing as a discipline uniquely celebrates its own materiality and has fluid boundaries, and the Drawing Course addresses and accommodates that character and flexibility. Students work from direct observation with traditional drawing materials, but as the course progresses, they are encouraged to push their practice further, into other areas they have discovered and wish to explore.'

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