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leith school of art

Leith School of Art is a college where everyone is welcome to come and study art. Our tailored approach to teaching means we offer something to suit each person who comes to us.  From full-time, year-long courses to short courses and workshops that last just a few hours and offer a taste of what it is like to work in an art school environment, we have something that will appeal to everyone across a wide range of subjects. We believe that everybody has a creative side and we delight in helping people find, develop and enjoy their creative gifts.

There are many things about Leith School of Art that are unique. We offer something special to everyone who comes to us and we take pride in our reputation for offering high quality art education for all.


Leith School of Art aims to be one of the UK’s most inspiring and leading providers of pre- and post-university art education. Our students come first and we aspire to meet and exceed their expectations. 


Leith School of Art is located across two sites on the north side of Edinburgh.


Leith School of Art offers a friendly and welcoming ethos. With a conviction that everyone can benefit from good teaching, whether they are a beginner or practising artist, our nurturing approach to teaching allows students to get the best out of the courses they choose, and to produce work they are proud of. 


Leith School of Art was set up in 1988 by two art teachers, Mark and Lottie Cheverton. Their aim was to establish a supportive, community learning environment for art students.


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The School has two campuses, with a wide range of facilities and equipment to support all our courses.


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Leith School of Art is a unique and special place. Originally set up in 1989 as an alternative to large institutions, our ethos is to focus on teaching the individual while fostering a sense of community. Our small scale allows us to concentrate on the needs of each student and to generate a good working relationship between the students and staff.

We believe in high quality teaching. In all of our courses, we teach the elements of art and design, from basic methods and materials through to the conceptual underpinning of the
work undertaken.

An important element is studying the work of great artists of the past, as well as that of artists working today, with lectures and seminars forming a significant part of our courses. We also believe that teaching itself is a creative activity and strive constantly to refresh our teaching, making it interesting and relevant in order to best nurture each person’s artistic gift. Our aim is to create a school with a vital artistic life that emphasises both tradition and innovation.