Staff Spotlight: Jon Place

Monday,17 August 2020 in  Courses, Spotlight, Staff

Jon is a cross-discipline practitioner whose artistic practice and research explores mark-making as a form of visual narrative. Since graduating from his undergraduate degree at Bath School of Art and Design and postgraduate study at Dundee University, Jon has worked as a tutor at Leith School of Art, Edinburgh University and across the UK, teaching drawing and illustration.

Since moving to Edinburgh in 2016, Jon has worked at Leith School of Art in a variety of roles and in 2017 began working as a Tutor Support on the Year-long Drawing Course and runs the Introduction to Drawing Short Course.

As a graphic artist Jon’s work incorporates expressive mark-making and traditional printmaking techniques alongside digital processes. Combining  found imagery and digital manipulation Jon creates large format digital collages and drawings that explore the concept of ‘world-creation’ and how we interact with synthetic ‘constructed’ landscapes. Jon has exhibited these digital artworks across the UK and has won several awards in recent years for his writing on art in the fields of visual communication and drawing. To see more of his work visit his website, or follow his practice on Instagram @jonathonplace 


From September, Jon is excited to be teaching the new ‘Introduction to Drawing’ course, which will run on Thursdays at the St James campus during Term 1. With his diverse background and material knowledge, Jon will bring a unique perspective to the course that incorporates a varied of unconventional and experimental approaches whilst teaching the fundamentals building blocks of drawing and mark making.

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