Contemporary Art Practice

Lynda Wilson

Artist Statement

This work examines the language of brutalism, a movement in architecture which can be a site of controversy, often seen as ugly and inhuman, and many examples of which are under threat of demolition. It was born in a time of optimism and largely socialist principles to build mainly public buildings and social housing. Here, these abstracted forms become an alphabet which allows us to explore the aesthetic of the style and to see how we construct meaning through visual forms. Line, form and repetition are expressed in movable ‘letters’/‘type’ through print on paper, echoing the way in which text is printed and presented.


After studying architecture and then practicing as an architect for a number of years, Lynda returned to architecture school to teach in and organise various design studios. She is now working as an artist in her garden studio in Edinburgh, mainly in print but happy to draw and paint too. After the Printmaking Course at LSA last year, where her final piece comprised a collection of 3D printed objects referencing high rise city forms, she wanted to extend her ideas through the challenge of the CAP course. Now she wishes to reflect on and consolidate these experiences into new work in her own time.

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A brutalist alphabet, Lino print on Japanese papers, 170cm high x 100cm wide, £1 per individual letter