Graduate Resident Interim Show

Graduate Resident Interim Show

Graduate Resident Interim Show



Leith School of Art Exhibition Space 08 January 2024 - 23 March 2024 09:30 - 16:30 daily North Junction Street Campus

This exhibition showcases the progression of research, ideas, and work from the first three months of the residency. Through painting, printmaking, and sculptural work the graduates each present work that interrogates aspects of contemporary life.

Waffle Burger draws inspiration from online culture such as social media, online archives, and cult TV. She reinterprets and welds these sources together, creating paintings which explore nostalgia, appropriation, and remix culture, creating new meanings and narratives.

Through a process of walking and mapping, Ben Lingard has built up a repository of visual data which he has used to synthesise a series of paintings and prints which explore the shape and visual language of Leith.

Gina’s work explores embodiment and memory. Through manipulation of materials, she explores physicality, durability, and materiality. Fragmenting, stitching, folding, trapping, and binding connect her with the work on a visceral level and infuse a human element to the materials themselves.