In medias res - Kristina Chan, Izzy Thomson, and Katie Watson

In medias res - Kristina Chan, Izzy Thomson, and Katie Watson

In medias res - Kristina Chan, Izzy Thomson, and Katie Watson



Leith School of Art Exhibition Space 23 October 2017 - 09 December 2017 09:00 - 18:30 0 North Junction Street Campus

In medias res quite literally means, in the middle of things. It describes a literary practice in which the narrative begins in the midst of the story’s plotline.
Kristina Chan, Izzy Thomson, and Katie Watson, employ narrative within their work.  Stroke and line function as suggestions to a greater context, an expanding and often incomplete narrative left for the viewer to fill in the gaps.  Like loose pages in a story, this exhibition begins in the middle of things: in between fact and its interpretation, medium and method, exploration and satire.
Kristina Chan employs printmaking and drawing to create a surrealist hybridization between analogue and digital mark making. Her work addresses specific sites, seeking to subvert our knowledge of space and place through historical and contemporary analysis.

Narrating from her own experiences of landscape, Izzy Thomson uses the space in painting to stage and animate the stories she imagines within them. In this exhibition she visualises the seafaring journeys made between Norway and the Scandinavian Lutheran Church (now Leith School of Art). Here narrative is playfully re-invented and detached from its traditional linear structure.

Throughout her practice, Katie H. Watson explores the friction between nature and culture that exists in landscapes reshaped by man: forests, fields and gardens.  She assesses differing historical attitudes regarding man’s place in nature in the hope of casting new light on present-day behaviour towards the environment.

Exhibition Open: Monday - Friday, 9am - 4:30pm

Private View: Friday 27th October 2017, 5pm - 8pm