In Security: Drawings of Paintings; Paintings of Drawings by Dominic McIvor

In Security: Drawings of Paintings; Paintings of Drawings by Dominic McIvor

In Security: Drawings of Paintings; Paintings of Drawings by Dominic McIvor



Corridor Exhibition 19 February 2018 - 31 March 2018 09:30 - 16:30 daily North Junction Street Campus

An exhibition of new work by Dominic McIvor entitled, In Security: Drawings of Paintings; Paintings of Drawings.

Dominic McIvor: 
"Through this body of work I want to honour my main roles at Leith School of Art. As part of the technical team, I've secretly inherited materials that could be recycled and given a new lease of life. Surfaces and materials I couldn't bear to abandon; the table top whose legs had crumbled beneath it, fit for the bin, that I carried on the long walk to my studio.

I wanted to create work that was observation based. Through a struggle, I decided to use my small studio space as the setting. Initially, the two or three pencil drawings of tools on a plinth gave me subject matter to work from, drawing the drawings on my wall which led me to using different materials and surfaces, resulting in the title of the show. By using mirrors to reflect the images around my two by three metre space somehow it was no longer claustrophobic, it became boundless. This prison-like cell expanded through drawing and painting but I pay the same rental value.

The title of ‘In Security’ has come from a number of different thoughts. ‘Insecurity’ encapsulates this daunting task of showing work from my studio at my place of work. Despite these nerves, this body of work has opened me up as an artist and has evolved in ways that I could not plan or find a conclusion from. Each piece informed the next and also played a role within it. ‘In Security’ is about the safety of my studio sanctuary and the strength of my decision making.

The portrait, landscape and square format are a recurring theme throughout this body of work. This way of working links to my previous geometric, rule based practice and it has given me a layout to abide by, exploit and question.

As a Tutor Support, I have been influenced by these classes without knowing at times but fully taking advantage of. I am proud to share my journey at Leith School of Art through this exhibition. From one small space to another.

30% of my proceeds will go to the Butterfly Trust in aid of Cystic Fibrosis."