Course Spotlight: General Drawing & Painting

Friday,23 November 2018 in  Courses, Spotlight, Students


This term we had the pleasure of collaborating with dance artist Iraya Noble in the General Drawing & Painting courses taught by Val McLean (Tutor) and Mira Knoche (Tutor Support). Guiding a gentle stretch and warm-up with the students, Iraya was moving and dancing through the space, holding graceful still poses, while students found expressive ways to create gestural drawings of the figure. The setup with dramatic lighting and music added to the playful and vibrant atmosphere. It revived the practice of past artists, such as choreographer Margaret Morris and Scottish colourist JD Fergusson, who combined different art forms in inspiring ways. Students enjoyed creating some intriguing ways of mark-making and experimenting with drawing movement, using a range of materials.

'I was captivated by the dancer... and loved that I could be free in my expression. I loved the combination of the music, the dance, and just letting my hand really flow. I would absolutely do it again.'
(student on the course)"


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