Landscape Course

Landscape Course

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9.30am - 4.30pm

Course Days



North Junction St. Campus

Term Dates 2024/25

16 Sep - 21 Jun 2025

Course Staff

Paul Mowat Course Leader

Edinburgh and its surroundings - rural, urban, coastal and industrial - is the inspiration for this course. The unique light, transient weather and dramatic topography offer the artist many options for expressing a personal view of the landscape. 

The Landscape course provides an intensive opportunity to investigate what it means to draw and paint landscape in a traditional manner as well as represent it through abstraction and contemporary practices. The course allows students to fully immerse themselves in the landscape and by drawing directly from it, translate this information into finished art work back in the studio.  Students are challenged to consider what it means to paint the landscape and are supported to be courageous and ambitious in their ideas.

A major part of the course consists of drawing in the environment, so students learn the importance of using a sketchbook effectively as a tool for visual recording of their findings. Back in the studio, these findings are used to create personal work, exploring ideas and developing an individual language. Drawing and use of colour is central to the course, as is learning to work with a variety of materials. Preparing and making surfaces, expressive application of paint, responsive mark making, and ways of deconstructing and reinvigorating the surface will be examined. 

During the course students will learn from the study of landscape painters, both historical and contemporary. There will be talks by artists and studio visits. Throughout the course students are in constant dialogue with their tutor. Project ideas and plans are developed and presented to other students on the course. Group discussions and constructive reviews help students to develop their responses to subject material and to generate confidence in their work. 

At the end of the course, students will have sketchbooks full of drawings, notes and inspiration, as well as a completed body of paintings. Students on the Landscape course take part in the Summer Exhibition in June.

Course Terms and Conditions

‘I feel I have developed as a painter, working with greater self confidence and able to tackle new projects without apprehension. The “blank canvas” holds fewer fears as time goes on’