The Figure in Space: A Patient Investigation in Oils

The Figure in Space: A Patient Investigation in Oils

5 Aug - 9 Aug 2024
Price per person £485.00

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Monday - Friday, 10:00am – 4:30pm


North Junction St. Campus


5 Aug - 9 Aug 2024

Course Staff

Kenneth Le Riche Visiting Tutor

This oil painting Summer School will look at constructing an invented space while painting the human form from life.

Starting with the fundamental practice of drawing and painting a figure from observation, and then moving on to creating an illusionistic space, students on this course will find ways of marrying these two elements together while considering the aesthetics of composition. 

Working from a life model, we will learn how to deconstruct the figure through both drawing and observational painting in oils. Constructing an imaginary space will also be covered including finding ways to compose the figure (or figures) into that space. 

Each student will focus on finding a visual language that connects themselves and their experience to the image they are constructing. You will be encouraged to pursue your own investigation into the subject and explore how to reveal the ‘history’ of your image’s construction.

Artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Paul Cezanne, Richard Diebenkorn, Euan Uglow, Keith Vaughan, Sangram Majumdar, Zoey Frank and others will be looked at for inspiration and guidance.