All of our tutors are practising artists and experienced teachers, working alongside individual students to help them learn new skills, consolidate their learning and produce high quality work by putting into practice what they have learned.

Our small scale offers us a unique opportunity to get to know our students well, to understand their needs and goals, and to work closely with each individual to develop their artistic ability.

As an independent art school we have considerable freedom in how we deliver teaching; we are able to keep class sizes small and we have good staff/student ratios. Student teaching hours are high, with all studio time being tutored. This means that students and staff can engage closely in the learning process, making good progress within a supportive learning environment. Our teaching is structured carefully and we provide all art materials for projects so that students get the most out of their time in the studio.

We believe in creating an artistic community which will enrich the lives of all who encounter it. Our charitable work breaks down barriers to art education and is testament to our belief in inclusivity. We welcome those who come to the School, and believe that everyone has something to give and something to gain from being a part of Leith School of Art.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

At Leith School of Art, we are committed to creating an inclusive and empowering environment for all of our staff, students, and visitors.

We recognise that creativity and learning thrive in an atmosphere where diversity and difference are celebrated.  It is important to us that everyone feels welcomed, seen, and respected for who they are.

We do not discriminate against anyone on the grounds of age, disability, race, gender reassignment, marriage/civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, religion or belief, gender, mental or physical health, socio-economic background or sexual orientation.

We strive to promote a welcoming culture and will not tolerate discriminatory behaviour by any staff, student, or visitor on the premises, or on any School business.

Leith School of Art aims to foster a working and studying environment where everyone is treated equally and where there is no bullying, harassment or discrimination and all decisions are based on merit.

We take any breach of  Equality, Diversity and Inclusion very seriously. If you have any complaints relating to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at the School please contact us.