Art Apparel

Leith School of Art has inspired thousands of students since 1988. As part of our 30th anniversary celebrations, a group of alumni, students, staff and supporters generously donated their creative talents to produce an ‘Apron Artwork’, resulting in Art Apparel, a celebration of 30 years of community, diversity and artistry at LSA. The aprons were then offered up for auction and have helped to raise important funds for the School's charitable aims.

Thank you to all those who contributed! 

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Shelagh Atkinson - 'Some of us are friends'

Luella Barlow


Heather Bell - Forming

Anne Benson


John Brown

Kristina Chan

Theresa Christie - Persevere

Tessa Clowney

Harriet Crawford

Jane Dickinson - St Mary's and the Cranes of St James'

Margot Dunnachie - Release

Amanda Egerton-King - The Doodle Cook

Deirdre Ferguson

Moira Fowler

Gardner & Gardner - Magnetic

Louis Gatner

Trisha Gow

Mhairi Halcrow

Gail Harding - Aprangle (Apron - Bangle)

Janice Headrick - Emerging Brushes

Mo Healy

Diana Hope RSW

Fiona Hoskyns-Abrahall

Jessica Howarth

Clare Hyatt McLeod

Helen Jackson - Art Makes You Happy

Craig Jefferson - Self Portrait

Jo Kelly

Sarah Knox

Michelle Letowska

Julia MacAulay

Carol Marples - Freedom Within a Framework

Wendy McCarroll Sandeman

Roderick McReesh - Portrait of the Artist(e)

Cristiana Messina

Tim Moore - One Bright Eternal Morning

Gabriella Morris - What is Your Favourite Colour Today?

Evelyn Morrison

Patrick Morrison

Lindsay Perth - Self-Made Mann

Izabela Piechota - The Light

Anne Pritchard

Deborah Ravetz - Biography of an Art Student

Clare Revolta - Transforming

Sandra Robertson

Lucy Robertson

Moira Russell - In My Own Words

Ken Russell

Kristina Sahlholdt

Stephanie Salomons - Daily Lily

Catherine Sargeant

Jo Scobie

Cath Sinclair

Jenny Smith

Colleen Thompson

Maria Vigers

Elizabeth Vischer

Rosemary Walker

Jacqueline Watt & Ron Burnett

Eleanor White

Lynda Wilson

Markie Woodifield

Sheila Yarrow - Reflecting on 30 Years

Morag Young - Little Seeds of Gossip

Hans K Clausen - Better Together

Hans K Clausen and Helen O'Neill

Callum Innes

Joyce Campbell & Stuart Campbell - Leith School of Art

Susie Johnstone

Henry Gray and Solanne Bernard

Toby Paterson

Morwenna Darwell

Morwenna Darwell

Allan J Robertson

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